3S Checkout: a complete solution for the management of your Food Service business

Our product was developed to speed up and simplify your restaurant’s daily operation

Simplicity & Results

With an user-friendly interface, our solution makes your operational management agile, giving you more time to invest in other essential business activities. 3S Checkout’s technology and intelligence, helps you to deliver the best customer service experience at your restaurant, rising up your sales to the top.

3S checkout

Our 3 key pillars:


We pursue to deliver the best managment process of your customers' buying Journey, through real-time reports that will help you with loyalty strategies.


Our solution was developed to provide competitive advantages to your business in relation to your competitors. Our system's intelligence, helps you to understand your customer's behavior throughout the entire purchase journey: before, during and after.


With many years of experience in the technology market, our team develops various functionalities for each type of business and point of sale. Our solution is prepared to make integrations with the various systems and technologies existing in the Food Service market.

3S Checkout: a focused and integrated retail food service solution

Our backoffice is based on a cloud storage, wich allows an automated and efficient operation of the system. With the possibility to update the menu, prices and manage the business remotely and 100% online. Our integrated solution, helps you to run your business from end to end: starting with the purchase of inputs until the sale of products to the final consumer, in all point of sales: counter, table, mobile, self-checkout and delivery. 

Our solution suits with almost all the hardwares and operating systems available on the market: you only need change your equipment when you want to. Be free to maintain and update the technology tools that you need: win flexibility to make your business grow, without put behind your customers experience.Count on a complete solution, ready to support your business growth..


Our system has cloud storage, allowing remotly and 100% online management of the entire back-office operation of your restaurant: updates of the menu, technical data, inventory and reports.

POS_Point of sale

Our sales system has all you need to deliver the best customer experience to your clients, and mobility to your operational team: table service, restaurant orders, integration with the fiscal and production(KDS) systems and suport to quick or table service.

Delivery Hub

Our Delivery Hub connect all the digital points of sale in a single place, mantaining native integration with the main delivery companies in the market: IFOOD, AND RAPPI. This allows the management of these menus and orders, in a simple and organized way needing just a single screen, making it easier to manage orders.

Production (KDS)

Our Smart Kitchen system is focused on confiability and production delivery, helping the Chef organize and made the team faster in preparing and deliver the orders. It is also flexible in its configurations, which allows us to support single-store and multi-store kitchens.

Know the best automatic sales system for your restaurant

Our solution 3S Checkout is focused on food service vertical, and have system features to every type of business and existing point of sale on market nowadays.
We look to deliver the best purchase journey managment process and help with the construction of your customer loyalty. Beside that, our solution was developed to provide competitive advantages to your business and help you to understand your customer’s behavior throughout all the buying process.

We expand your possibilities

Get to know all that you and your restaurant wins with 3S Checkout:

Menu Center

Manage all your menu information in one place: prices, menu options, promotions, and individual store information. Update anything you want at the catalog and send the changes to all stores: just one or a group, whenever is needed, from wherever you are. System upgrades and configuration changes are sent by the cloud to the store, that can schedule the updates of the application at the most convenient time for your business without interupt your operation.

Delivery Hub

Receive orders in an integrated way, without having to look at Tablets or manually enter data in your POS: the order automatically arrives and is sended to the kitchen to be produced. All your delivery channels gathered in one place,managed by the cloud and with menu integration.

Inventory Control

We know that inventory control is fundamental for business accounting: The system lowers the items from stock according to the sale of products, and controls the entry of items according to the invoice generated for the store automatically, what means that, you don't need to enter new products every time you make a purchase.This module have conection with the product datasheet.

Self Checkout

Our self checkout system is Intuitive, user friendly and accelerate customer service, allowing autonomy for asking and pay the order, reducing the wait line. Take advantage of the totem to introduce new products and promotions on your menu. This system is integrated to your POS and kitchen, managed through the Backoffice.

Cloud Solution

With real time sales data being updated on the cloud, our solution allows you to track the performance of stores wherever you areThe software architecture has as its priority the stability and reliability of the system, so your store does not stop; at the same time, it is flexible to adapt to your needs.

Fast Food & Tradicional service

We have structure to support any service model you choose: tradicional way(table service) or fast food style(quick service).

Product datasheet

Also known as Recipe: here you register all the items that make up your product, like in a cake recipe. When a product sales happen, our system write off the fraction of the item used for the recipe of the stock. Consult on the Backoffice the information about the sold products on a practical and fast way.

Digital menu

Speed up and facilitate your customer service with a digital menu over the table, available on a QR Code. This module is integrated with our backoffice, ensuring that the price is always correct and up-to-date.

POS Mobile

Our solution is approved by the main POS brands in the market. Take orders and receive the payments in credit, debit, and cash quickly and fast. Consult the approved equipments with our customer service.

Kitchen managment

Lead the preparation of the dishes and desserts in an organized and automated way: define the objective of each workstation, the preparation timing, manage orders with printer, monitor or both . Win flexibility to turn the monitors on or off throughout the day according to your sales flow.

Delivery system

With a integrated system you receive the orders in just one hardware, without having to look at tablets or manually enter data in your POS: the order arrives and goes automatically to the kitchen to be produced.

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